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Sarasota DJ Service

David Turner Music is proud to bring a sophisticated disc jockey service to Sarasota and Southwest Florida.


What can you expect when you hire David Turner Music as your disc jockey service in Southwest Florida? Well, read on to find out why we're making such a splash at events in Sarasota, St. Pete, Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples and beyond.


Serving Southwest Florida


Upfront Pricing

First, and most importantly, we have a DJ pricing model that is clear, without all of the confusion and add-ons that you'll find elsewhere. We offer you a quote that includes everything needed for a great party, with no hidden surprises. Rest assured, we won't charge extra for setup and breakdown of the PA system, cables and microphones, MC service, or consultation, coordination, planning, etc. We may have a few things that can be added to your party to make it stand out from the crowd. However, that's entirely up to you. And, we promise that you'll never be "nickeled and dimed."


Terrific Service

Next, we will always offer great service. It starts on the first phone call, and will continue until our work is done, and your party is a huge success! We work tirelessly with venues, planners, ceremony officiants, caterers, and others behind the scenes to make your party the best it can be. You might not notice this while you're dancing and enjoying the music. That's ok….it's by design. If we didn't do this type of work in the background, your party would have lots of confusion, gaps in the music, and other problems. WE KEEP THE PARTY MOVING!!


Experience and Professionalism

Third, we have a lot of experience with huge parties at incredible venues. We know the music that gets people moving, and keeps them on the dance floor. However, that doesn't mean we just stand behind the DJ booth and "push play." At DTM, we're always "in the game," and having a great time being your disc jockey. We read the crowd, take requests, and enjoy our job!


More Than Just Another DJ Service

Finally, our ability to add live music when you book our DJ service really makes us stand out. David Turner is a professional musician, and can offer sax, violin, flute, and more for your event. 

To sum it up, whether you're looking for our basic DJ service, a DJ package for large weddings or corporate events, or our signature "Live Music" DJ option, expect that we'll take good care of you!


Sarasota "Live Music" DJ Service


While it may not be the original "age old question," we understand that this is on the mind of everyone planning a wedding or event with musical entertainment.  "Should I hire a musician/band, or should I hire a disc jockey?"  Well, save yourself the agony of making this decision, and get both.  Have your cake and eat it, "by the ocean" too!!  Sarasota's sax playin' DJ is ready to take your event to the next level.  We also offer acoustic and electric violin, flute (great for wedding ceremonies), percussion, and other possibilities that will bring that "live" element to your party.


Hire a Great Sarasota DJ!

If you're ready to get a DJ quote for your event, simply click below. We promise to get in touch with you quickly, and will be ready to answer all of your questions!