Wedding DJ FAQ

At David Turner Music, we've worked with enough clients, and we've performed enough weddings to know that you'll have questions about the entertainment for your big day. Our Wedding DJ FAQ page provides another useful list of the most common issues and questions that come up regarding the reception portion of your wedding. If you're looking for our more general wedding FAQ page, it can be found here.

Wedding DJ FAQ with David Turner

What types of music (genres) can you play for my reception?

Of course, the bulk of my music collection is popular music from the last 30 years or so, with the majority of that being from the last 10-15 years. I can go back as far as the 1920s, though, and have other styles that include rock, jazz, country, reggae, etc. I can also utilize web-based services to pull additional stuff "out of the vault," so to speak, as long as your wedding venue has reliable Wi-Fi. I'm more than happy to play songs that you send to me for special requests. It's best if they're good quality (high bit-rate) files, rather than something ripped from youTube at unknown quality.

Do you have the very latest hits?

Yes, I usually have the very latest pop hits.  However, be sure to include any "must play" songs in our wedding documents prior to the big day, whenever possible. It's better than relying on Wi-Fi at the last minute, and gives me time to familiarize myself with the song.  I really like to prepare the track for mixing by adding cue points, beat-gridding, playing around with special effects, etc.

Do you play music with explicit content/lyrics?

My collection is clean, without explicit lyrics. A few songs have very mild, just let me know what your tolerance level is.  100% clean is not a problem.  If your party is entirely private, and you want the explicit version of some songs for some reason, I'll do my best to accommodate, with plenty of advance notice (after all, I'll need to get those versions). But, the high-end wedding venues that I typically work for will certainly not want to hear the f-bomb escaping from the ballroom doors during a reception....

Do you take requests? long as you permit an "open format" for your wedding. If you don't want me to take requests, I won't. If you want to have some sort of secret code allowing certain guests who are "in the know" to have requests played, that's fine, too. For example, I will play only requests written down with a star drawn next to them, while preventing your polka-music-loving Aunt Betsy's requests from utterly destroying the vibe of your reception...LOL.

Will you play all requests from the guests, assuming I've chosen an "open format"?

No...probably not all of them. I will use my best judgement to keep your party going. If a request just isn't the right song for the moment, or can't be mixed in without creating a musical train-wreck, I won't play it. I put all requests into a prepare folder in the software, and play them if and when they can be mixed in.

What type of equipment do you use/include?

A laptop running Serato DJ software, professional speakers and subwoofer(s), professional mixer, DJ controller, wireless handheld mic, wired mics, power conditioner, basic lighting for myself and the dance floor, etc.

Do you include a microphone for speeches?

Yes, a wireless handheld mic.

What kind of backups do you utilize in case there's a tech problem?

Tech problems, while extremely rare, are sometimes inevitable. It's just the world we live in (Think iPhones with bad reception, operating systems that crash, exploding Samsung tablets, hacked retail accounts, the list goes on...). To minimize problems, I use a laptop with the operating system and music stored on a solid-state drive with no moving parts. Of course, the laptop battery protects things on the software end against power failures. It can't, of course, stop the speakers from turning off if power goes out or fails at the venue. I use a power conditioner, and multiple power strips with surge protection. I have critical music (first dances, etc.) and a good selection of dance music stored on at least one other device, and usually two (my phone, and an additional music player). I have streaming capability as well, as long as your venue has Wi-Fi. So, I do absolutely everything in my power to keep the party rollin' to the end.

How is your approach different than other DJs that I'm considering?

I can't really speak for all of the other DJs. All I can do is tell you what I think are the benefits of going with me. First of all, I don't just love music or enjoy being a DJ. I am a professionally trained musician with years of experience performing at huge events and weddings all over Florida, and the world, for that matter. I know music inside and out, and have a music theory knowledge that 99% of DJs will not have. I think this helps with mixing songs, beat-matching, and keeping the party going strong. Additionally, when you go with the "Live Music" DJ experience that we offer, I'll be playing some sax along with background tracks during your dinner set. So, you actually get something that very few other DJs offer...a little live music in addition to the DJ service. Lastly, I'm very organized, well-dressed on the job, and professional acting.

What's the deal with this "Live Music" DJ option that I see advertised on your site?

I'll come out from behind the DJ booth and play some dinner music on sax for your guests. Pretty cool, huh?

You aren't going to talk through the mic all night or do other cheesy stuff, right?

No queso here, folks. I'm happy to do a little MC work for you at no additional charge, announcing the wedding party, special dances, etc., but you won't hear any ridiculous DJ drops or other audio "junk" coming through the speakers to mess up your special day.

Do you have a DJ playlist that I can take a look at?

I'm workin' on's pretty big, thanks to the power of technology. I have thousands of tracks on my solid-state drive, and access to tens of thousands with streaming services.

What will you wear to my wedding?

Mostly black and dark grey. Dress pants, dress shirts, vests, ties...sometimes a fedora, as long as that's cool with you.

Do you include lighting?

Basic lighting for myself is included...a light bar (some light gets projected onto the dance floor as well) and/or a wash (behind me). I can offer uplighting for a small fee, to make the room look a little nicer around the edges and save you a few bucks. For anything more than that, I recommend getting in touch with your wedding planner, venue, or a local sound and lighting company.