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In this installment of our Sarasota Best DJ Tips informative blog, let’s take a few minutes to consider what constitutes a great wedding or special event disc jockey. If you’re looking to book a DJ to provide great wedding or event music, you are probably considering the price, the experience level, the DJ’s music collection, and possibly a few additional factors (professionalism, demeanor, visuals, and more).

While price may be the single largest factor in your decision to book entertainment for your special event or wedding, it is certainly not the only consideration. After all, the old saying about “getting what you pay for” is often true. However, that said, it’s not uncommon to find decent local Sarasota DJs (or disc jockeys in any part of the planet for that matter) who will perform at a reasonable rate for your event. With the digital music revolution of the last couple decades, it has simply become easier to disc jockey than in the past, leading to an influx of at least reasonably competent DJs. While they may not be club performers, or set the world on fire with their creativity, they can certainly cover the music portion of the job.

It’s important to note that simply being able to DJ, and having a good music collection is just a small part of the equation. You’ll want the DJ that you hire to be comfortable handling MC duties, including introducing the wedding party, various announcements during the party, etc.  You’ll also want the DJ to have good, reliable equipment, and be professional acting. Spending a little more may help to ensure a better entertainment experience at your party.

Getting an experienced DJ will certainly increase the odds of your party being successful.  When considering the DJ’s experience level, it’s not always just about how long they’ve been doing their thing.  It’s just as critical to make sure he/she has worked the type of event you’re planning (wedding, corporate party, Mitzvah, etc.). Even an extremely talented DJ who’s used to doing local clubs and festivals could screw up a wedding if they have no idea what happens at a typical reception, or can’t handle the stress-load that frequently accompanies weddings.

Moving on to the topic of a DJ’s music collection, it’s important to note a few things. First of all, don’t be easily wowed by your prospective disc jockey when he or she talks about their music collection. It’s not uncommon to find DJs bragging about having thousands of songs in their library, or even tens of thousands in some instances. What’s more important is the quality of those songs (both in terms of popularity, and perhaps audio quality, too). After all, hypothetically, having a few thousand of the biggest hits ever recorded across multiple genres is more important than a DJ who has a personal collection of 30,000 songs, 29,000 of which are too obscure for anybody to care about at a party.  Also, your DJ should be using quality audio files, not low-fidelity junk ripped off from YouTube (yes, it happens…lol).

Hiring a disc jockey who is truly professional acting can be kind of hit or miss, as well.  Large agencies should be researched, particularly if they are given the flexibility to send anyone to DJ your event. Talking with your DJ directly on the phone should give you a pretty good sense of where they’re at, with regards to professionalism. There’s really not one indicator of whether your prospective DJ will be great. Reviews are reasonably helpful. However, they can’t always be trusted at face value. Same goes for fancy websites, videos, etc. The technology age provides aspiring DJs with lots of tools, and even some smoke and mirrors, that will certainly try to convince you to hire them.  While reviews, videos, etc. certainly help to find a great DJ, nothing beats a good phone conversation.

Lastly, it’s important to consider the visuals.  I’m referring to a couple of things here…the appearance of the DJ and his/her rig, as well as lighting, etc.  We strive to have a very neat appearance on stage here at David Turner Music, dressing nice, and keeping cables and extra stuff tucked away and out of sight.  We typically use a six foot table, covered with a black scrim as the foundation.  On top of that, our rig is laid out in a way that is visually appealing and balanced.  Our light bar features wash lights, pattern effects, laser effects, and even a strobe.  It’s a perfect balance of looking good, without detracting from the focus of the party, which is the bride and groom/client/guests/etc.

Well, that’s probably a great place to leave it for now. If you’re interested in booking David Turner Music for your wedding or special event in Sarasota, FL or anywhere else, give us a call today. We’re always more than happy to discuss entertainment options for your wedding or event.  And, don’t forget that we also serve Tampa, Ft. Myers, Naples, Orlando and beyond!!  Thanks for tuning in!

Sarasota Best DJ Tips – Wedding Music Selection

David Turner Music Blog - Music tips, info, ideas and news, Sarasota Wedding and Event DJ Service


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David Turner Music and your wedding…just the right mix!

On occasion, here at David Turner Music, we will be blogging about DJ-ing weddings and events (among many other topics), in an effort to provide clients with some insight on the approach we take at wedding receptions, private parties, corporate and themed events, etc. While the overall approach to DJ-ing is similar for all of these parties, we want to share some things that we feel make a successful event. In this installment of the blog, I want to talk about disc jockey music selection for the different types of events, starting with weddings.

Wedding receptions can typically be broken down into a few parts, as far as music is concerned: Special Music Segments(Wedding party intros, first and special dances, etc.), light dance sets, dance sets, and the dinner set. When choosing a great DJ in Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Naples or Fort Myers, Florida, you will clearly want him or her to have a variety of great music in their collection and, possibly more important, know the appropriate time to play that music.  After all, you’ll see a lot of DJs brag about having tens of thousands of songs on tap. But, of course, that’s just part of the equation.

As an example, every bride and groom will have their favorite artists and songs on a playlist that they will supply to a DJ prior to the event, but it’s important to understand that their favorite music might not speak to all of the guests at the wedding. That said…make no mistake…YOU DEFINITELY PLAY THE SONGS THAT THEY REQUEST FOR THEIR WEDDING! However, maybe you can fit the slightly less popular or more obscure stuff in during dinner, for example. When you want a packed dance floor at a wedding, you really have to be playing the biggest hits…hits that everybody knows…not just the bride and groom.

As far as wedding party intros and special dances, they will, of course,  involve playing exact requests.  So, nothing to worry about there.

Dinner is the perfect time to focus on the bride’s and groom’s music requests…especially lesser known stuff and slower songs. Most wedding guests are engaged in conversation at this point, and also more receptive to music that they may not be as familiar with, anyway. So, go ahead and get those more obscure/mellow/chill requests in before the party kicks into gear!

Light dance sets at weddings might consist of a pre-dinner dance set, or an instance where some guests are finished eating, while others are not quite done. You’re not ready to blow the place up with the latest Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran or Coldplay song, but you want to “fill the void” so to speak, with some decent and danceable stuff. Go ahead and DJ some second tier hits while you’re prepping for the big set that will follow.

The big dance sets at a wedding reception in Sarasota, or any other place for that matter, will be huge hits from different decades and styles, and maybe a few regional-type favorites…just do a great job mixing and transitioning and all will be well.

So, that’s about it for the first rendition of the “Sarasota Best DJ Tips” blog. Stay tuned for additional posts in the near future, and thanks again for considering David Turner Music of Sarasota, FL for your disc jockey and live music needs on the west coast of Florida! – DT